Welcome to Trizel Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC.

Welcome to Trizel a premiere Commercial Real Estate firm. The success of Trizel is no accident. It is a result of both exceptional motivation and much hard work to create a growing dynamic corporation that prides itself on the highest standards of professional excellence.

Trizel Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC. is a full service, professional company providing diversified experience and knowledge in all types of Real Estate services with specific expertise and experience in the following areas →


This guys are really amazing on what they do, nothing to complain about...

Gina McGregor



Carlos Chialastri

An active broker and Certified Property Manager, Carlos is a founding partner of Trizel with an extensive background in the management and leasing of office and residential properties. He served as Vice President and registered Real Estate broker for Dallas based Hall Management Corporation’s Florida operations. He was primarily responsible for the management 500,000 square feet of office space in Miami and St. Petersburg.

BA., MBA, M.S.N.

Ramón F. Dorta

Member with extensive background for the past 40 years, in the Management and Leasing of properties in the Miami area and as a General Manager of Administradora Dorta in Caracas Venezuela, in the field of Real Estate being part of the Dorta Group, Companies.

BA., MBA, M.S.N.

Ramón A. Dorta

With an extensive banking experience he is responsible for the preparation of budgets, financial reports; analyze financial information, such as bank statements and management accounts and cash flow statements. Account payables and receivables control. Income and expenses report of properties. Annual budgets preparation for every building, report of incomes and expenses. Bank reconciliation analysis and report. Payroll account. Day to day cash flow control.

Marcelo Chialastri

Head property manager with 10 years of property management experience. His responsibilities include, preparing and managing budgets, approving work orders, supervising maintenance personnel, examining and preparing residential and commercial leases, conducting property inspections, negotiating and approving vendor contacts.